Our Mission

VACIR is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic coalition of organizations that exists to win dignity, power and quality of life for all immigrant and refugee communities.

Join Us

Across the Commonwealth, Virginians are joining together to call for common sense immigration reform.

We believe that true reform should:

  • Offer a short and direct path to citizenship for all aspiring citizens already in the United States;
  • Respect the dignity of every individual and end the mass detention and deportation of immigrants;
  • Reunite and strengthen families through the elimination of immigration backlogs;
  • Build trust between immigrant communities and local police by limiting state and local enforcement of federal immigration law;
  • Strengthen our economy by protecting workers’ rights, and meeting Virginia’s need for a trained workforce by providing access to education for all; and,
  • Honor our history as a nation of immigrants by welcoming, celebrating, and promoting the full economic and political integration of this most recent generation of immigrants.

Now is the time. The Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights supports common sense immigration reform that respects the broad principles stated above. We invite your organization to endorse these Virginia Principles for Immigration Reform. To have your organization apply for membership, please email us at VACIRMembership@gmail.com or fill out the form below.