For the 2021 General Assembly, we are moving towards rebuilding from COVID-19 and looking at long term investments for the immigrant community. We are working to ensure immigrant families are not left behind. Join us in making sure we are able to bring justice and substantial changes in Virginia. 

Key Priorities:

  • HB 2163 (Tran) Privacy protections for driver’s license and driver privilege cards
  • HB1889 (Price), HB1900 (Hudson), HB1981 (Carr), HB2014 (Price), HB2161 (Tran), SB1215 (Ebbin), SB1410 (Bell), and budget amendments on Eviction prevention and rent relief assistance
  • HB 2123 (Lopez), SB 1387 (Boysko, Hashmi) Removing immigration-related barriers to state financial aid to public and private colleges and universities

Economic Justice 

  • HB 1786 (Ward) Removing exclusion of farmworkers from the Virginia minimum wage
  • HB 1785 (Ward), HB 805 (Ward) SB 411 (Hashmi) Protections against heat stress
  • HB2138 (Guzman) Non-driver identity privilege cards
  • Investments in affordable housing
  • Investments for accessible and affordable public transportation
  • Investments in internet connectivity

Criminal Legal System Reform

  • HB1990 (Aird) Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal justice legislation
  • HB 2045 (Bourne) State civil action for deprivation of rights
  • Help high-needs school divisions by allowing School Resource Officer (SRO) funds to be used for other services (budget amendments) 
  • HB 2147 (Herring) and HB 2210 (Jones) Creation of the Office of Civil Rights in the Office of Attorney General

Educational Opportunity and Child Welfare

  • HB1929 (Aird) and SB1257 (McClellan) School Equity and Staffing Act, including additional funding for certified EL instructors
  • SB1184 (Deeds) Standby guardianship to help children of undocumented immigrants who have been deported or detained
  • SB1181 (Surovell) Increase age out for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status predicate orders to 21

Health Care Access

  • HB1922 (Price) Reproductive Health Equity Act to ensure that all Virginians, regardless of income, type of insurance, and immigration status, have access to a full spectrum of reproductive healthcare
  • Access to prenatal care through Medicaid regardless of immigration status for pregnant people who meet all the other requirements (Item 312 #1h & Item 313 #16h (Guzman) and Item 312 #1s (McClellan)
  • HB2124, Item 313 #4h (Lopez) and Item 313 #36s (Ebbin) Clarifying that Medicaid “Emergency Services” includes COVID-19 screening, testing, and treatment 
  • SB1220 (Favola) Repeal requirement that state mental health facilities report immigration status

Government Accessibility

  • Language access workgroup to recommend improvements to state agencies (Item 52 #4h)
  • Refugee workforce study to recommend how we can help refugees participate in our workforce (Item 52 #5h)
  • Funding for Department of Social Services and Office of New Americans (Item 355#1h)